MO-1100Q Portable Balloon Light Tower

Widely used in large-scale workplace and flood fighting and rescue, earthquake relief, road repair and other large construction sites.
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※: anti-glare 360 degrees wide range of lighting, conventional lighting light irradiation angle is subject to great restrictions, light dazzling, light pollution. Easy to make pedestrians and vehicle drivers caused by instant no vision, prone to traffic accidents.

※  light body with high light transmission, good waterproof for the special import of synthetic fiber materials made of space, unique and unique shape.

※: for the night with the paver with a stable light source, easy to pave the road and the construction of auxiliary repair work.

※: Installation and removal is simple and quick.

※: After the installation of special rail casters can be easily carried out on the railway.

※: 3 section lift rod, the maximum height of 4.2 meters.

Genshent  Technical Data MO-1100Q
20" / 40" Loading Pcs 36/ 72 PCS
Mast Height (Fully Extenled) 4m
Weight ( Net ) 98kg
Rated Voltage 220V(Single Phase )
Rated Power 2.2KVA
Power Outlet Sockets 2PCS*10A
Input Voltage 220V(Single Phase)
Fuel Tank Capacity 15Liters
Fuel Tank Operating Hours 13 hours
Fuel  Consumption (g/kw.h) NA
Acoustic Pressure 62dB (A)7m
Load Capacity For 40"HC(Units ) 60
Engine Model ER2500CX
Speed (Rpm) 3000
Prime Power ( Kw ) 2.2
Cooling System Air -cooled
Oil Capability 1.1L
Emission Level NA
Alternator Italy Mecc alte
Alternator Model G*160H1
Frequency ( Hz ) 50
Continued Power (Kw) 2.2
Alternator Brushless
Excitation Mode Capacitor exciter
Rating Voltage (V )
Alternator Insulation
Protection Grade
Mast Pneumatic Operation Mast
Mast Height 4m
Lighting LAMP
Type  of  lights Metal Halide Lamp
Number Power of Lights 1000W
Mast Lighting & Extension Pneumatic operation
Luminous Efficiency 80Lumens /Watt
Protection Glass IP65
Luminous Flux 1*99000LM
Color Temperature 4000K
Trailer Trailer
Manufacturer SUOEN
Braking System Foot brake
Tire Rim Size Φ156mm
Genshent  Technical Data MO-1200Q MO-1100Q MO-400Q
20" / 40" Loading Pcs 20 / 40 PCS 36 / 72 PCS 80 / 160 PCS
Mast Height (Fully Extenled) 5m 4m 2.8m
Weight ( Net ) 210kg 98kg 64kg
Rated Voltage 220V(Single Phase ) 220V(Single Phase ) 220V(Single Phase )
Rated Power 3.6KVA 2.2KVA 0.7KVA
Power Outlet Sockets 2PCS*10A 2PCS*10A 2PCS*10A
Input Voltage 220V(Single Phase) 220V(Single Phase) 220V(Single Phase)
Fuel Tank Capacity 25Liters 15Liters 4.2Liters
Fuel Tank Operating Hours 15 hours 13 hours 6.3 hours
Fuel  Consumption (g/kw.h) NA NA NA
Acoustic Pressure 62dB (A)7m 62dB (A)7m 57dB (A)7m
Load Capacity For 40"HC(Units ) 20 60 100
Engine Honda  (Gasoline ) YAMAHA(Gasoline)
Engine Model EC4000CX ER2500CX EF950
Speed (Rpm) 3000 3000 3600
Prime Power ( Kw ) 3.6 2.2 0.7
Cooling System Air -cooled Air -cooled Air -cooled
Oil Capability 1.1L 1.1L 0.9L
Emission Level NA NA NA
Alternator Italy Mecc alte Italy Mecc alte Italy Mecc alte
Alternator Model G*270H G*160H1 MT65
Frequency ( Hz ) 50 50 50
Continued Power (Kw) 3.6 2.2 0.7
Alternator Brushless Brushless Brushless
Excitation Mode Capacitor exciter Capacitor exciter Capacitor exciter
Rating Voltage (V ) 220V 220V
Alternator Insulation H1 H
Protection Grade Ip23 Ip23
Mast Manual Winch Pneumatic Operation Mast
Mast Height 5m 4m 5m
Type  of  lights Metal Halide Lamp Metal Halide Lamp Metal Halide Lamp
Number Power of Lights 2*1000W 1000W 400W
Mast Lighting & Extension Manual Operation Pneumatic operation Pneumatic operation
Luminous Efficiency 80Lumens /Watt 80Lumens /Watt 80Lumens /Watt
Protection Glass IP65 IP65 IP65
Luminous Flux 2*99000LM 1*99000LM 4*125LM
Color Temperature 4000K 4000K 4000K
Trailer Trailer Trailer Trailer
Braking System Foot brake Foot brake Foot brake
Tire Rim Size Φ252mm Φ156mm Φ120mm